Voice-Interactive Female Vibrator – Intelligent Multi-Frequency Heating Dildo



2 reviews for Voice-Interactive Female Vibrator – Intelligent Multi-Frequency Heating Dildo

  1. 5 out of 5


    This thing is powerful! It’s bigger than I thought it would be, it’s more realistic in size, it’s not a small toy. It came with a small tube of lube that was nice to use. Didn’t have any weird chemical smell or anything like that when I opened the package. Charged fast. Is kinda noisy but I expect that kinda noise with that amount of vibration power. Easy to use with the app. Definitely a fun toy & is VERY effective. Like broke a time record for me I’m pretty sure.

  2. 5 out of 5


    Ok heres the thing! It’s not for me but I do Enjoy it! Lol. Some guys act like these are the worst things ever!? Ok I don’t have thrusting pivoting multi-stimvibe action! I do not have pleasure rollers under my skin moving in opposite directions!! But my blender doesn’t make good toast either that doesn’t mean it’s worthless or I hate it! 😉 She loves me just the way I am! She just really likes this thing too! Hell I love using it on/with her! I’m even happier knowing she has it when I’m not around!! 💯💪💯 All I can say is 100% give this a try! I stand by this product with 100% satisfaction. It is made from great material it has held up close to a year now! As for rechargeable? It has endured plenty and is still goin strong! It switches things up. keeps things from becoming bland or stale. We have all been there before. Well get in each other’s heads surprise her give her a gift she might not ever expect!? Or one she’s been begging for! 😉I have used similar products before. That lasted a night! A week! Maybe a month Tops! This one is designed and built right! Clean durable rechargeable! 100% satisfaction. Break out of ordinary switch things up keep her guessing!! 💯💪💯 Be a Man about it! Stay safe and most of all Have fun!!

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