NO8 Breakthrough New Product: More Enduring with Substance

In today’s rapidly advancing society, technology is evolving at an unprecedented pace, with smart products constantly emerging. The NO8 APP breakthrough new product is undoubtedly a shining gem in this technological revolution. As the first intelligent RPG scenario-oriented AI voice interactive APP-controlled masturbator, it combines innovation and intelligence, allowing users to experience unprecedented interactive fun.

The design of NO8 is not only about its stylish and tech-savvy appearance but also about its rich internal functions and outstanding performance. The product adopts a novel rotating and telescoping technology, capable of simulating a real experience, and combines it with an intelligent voice interaction system to provide users with a personalized usage experience.

Revolutionary Technology, Unprecedented Experience

NO8 is equipped with advanced telescopic and rotating technology, achieving synchronous telescoping and rotation through its built-in dual gear drive system, providing users with an unparalleled realistic sensation. The internal cavity is exquisitely designed using high-quality TPE material, which is not only soft and comfortable but also self-heating, making the experience more realistic.

Moreover, NO8 features vibration and constant temperature functions. The built-in motor provides powerful vibrations, and the temperature can be adjusted, allowing users to enjoy the perfect warmth and vibration sensation at any time.

Intelligent AI Voice Interaction, Create Your Own Scenarios

Another highlight of NO8 is its intelligent AI voice interaction system. Users can set different scenario modes and scenes through the APP, making each use feel like a new adventure. Based on the user’s personalized choices, the system automatically generates dialogues and plots, making each interaction full of surprises.

Whether active or shy, users can find the mode that suits them, making each experience fresh and fun. Additionally, NO8 hides multiple surprise Easter egg scenarios waiting for users to explore and discover.

Detailed Display, Precise Control

NO8 is equipped with a high-resolution LCD display that shows the device’s status in real time, including temperature, vibration intensity, mode, and other information, allowing users to have a clear understanding of the device’s operating status for more precise control.

Furthermore, NO8 supports one-handed operation, with a simple design and convenient use. Users can easily switch modes and adjust parameters with just a touch of the screen or through voice commands, eliminating cumbersome operating steps.

Rich in Substance, More Enduring

NO8 is not just an ordinary masturbator; it is a smart interactive device capable of continuous updates and upgrades according to users’ needs. Through OTA technology, users can download the latest scenarios and functions at any time, keeping the device fresh and interesting.

Additionally, NO8 offers multiple interchangeable inner sleeves, allowing users to change according to their preferences and needs for a personalized experience.

A Short Story: Exploring the Wonders of NO8

Xiaoming is a busy white-collar worker with a lot of pressure and a dull life. One day, he stumbled upon a product called NO8, which claimed to provide an unprecedented interactive experience. Out of curiosity, he decided to give it a try.

The first time Xiaoming used NO8, he chose the “Active” mode. The system generated a brand new scenario based on his choice. Guided by intelligent voice prompts, he felt as if he were in a world full of adventure and excitement. The built-in vibration and rotation functions gave him an unparalleled sense of realism and pleasure.

In subsequent uses, Xiaoming discovered more hidden scenarios and Easter eggs, making each use a new experience. NO8 became a part of his life, not only relieving his stress but also bringing back long-lost fun and satisfaction.


The NO8 APP breakthrough new product, an intelligent RPG scenario-oriented AI voice interactive APP-controlled masturbator, brings users a whole new level of interactive fun with its innovative technology, rich functions, and personalized experience. In terms of design, functionality, and user experience, NO8 demonstrates unparalleled advantages.

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