The first popular gaming merch of “Alliance Sages” vote is revealed!

That’s right, Mudan won this IP merch quota with the first popularity vote and made a smooth debut!

Click to listen: Mudan is challenging you to conquer!

Thanks to the enthusiastic supporters, we have prepared a commemorative Mudan Special Reward Virtual Treasure Card! Limited to the first 300 people! The fastest one will win!

Detailed Video


“Sundry fishes! How dare you try to conquer me! “

RPG plot + intelligent pocket pussy [real battle experience], absolutely refreshing your knowledge of [pocket pussy]! I can’t help but sigh, the Man-made pussy can still be played this way!

What do you mean by interactive DLC? The original voice of Mudan recorded the plot, she will answer when you ask her, and she will scream when you poke her~!

Click to try: The Mudan Challenges You to Conquer!

And with voice interaction, the world within the plot will be mapped to the organs 10cm below your navel, realizing the real [sex simulation interaction], and the DLC plot line is more than one. You can explore to your heart’s content, to give you an unparalleled immersive experience~.

Just 18 + DLC this bright spot veteran players know into the stock is not bad! It even has a stand-alone collector’s value!

Mudan, the god in charge of X desire!

This wonderful gentleman figure, exclusively supported by Sensee, will make its charming debut on May 10th with a limited time pre-order offer!

The pre-order period is from May 10th to June 08th, and you can enjoy 10% early bird discount for all orders!

This time Mudan is finally no longer a virtual IP, but a 1:1 pink reproduction of the juicing device!

The pocket pussy is made of TPE material, which restores Mudan’s good body shape, and the skin touch is 100% restored!

Gentlemen of Alliance sages, you deserve the happiness of virtual Mudan coming into reality! It’s better to take action than to be moved, get ready to sprint and take Mudan under your command!

(Warm tip: It’s easy to hurt yourself if you do too much manual work, it’s time to change your equipment and upgrade!)

《賢者同盟 Alliance Sages》https://alliancesages.tferwq.com/cps/landing_page_zh.html

《賢者同盟 Alliance Sages》 https://space.bilibili.com/3546662370806645/

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